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Hello, for this week I wanted to share with everyone an artist I found on Instagram that is exceptionally good at character design. This artist is Allen Ostergar and he works for Walt Disney Animation Studies as a CG character animator. Something I love about his work is the style he has developed in his characters.

On his Instagram his latest series of drawings are of  a mermaid interacting with a scene. Along with the completed drawing he also shares his sketches and some of the process drawings. I find this a great way to understand other artist and possibly find ways to learn from them.

I found Allen while searching for other character artist on Instagram and his stuck out to me. His finished drawings are unique and I love the way he colors them. This summer I made it my goal to practice developing my own style, especially in character design. I am capable of rending people and things life like, but that is always not interesting. Artist that can create various styles to things, in my opinion, would be more successful.

While searching for more artworks by Allen I came across his Vimeo page and he has shared an animation reel from the new Disney movie, Moana, that he worked on! Also on his Vimeo account are other animation reels. Here is the link to check them out:

I hope you enjoy Allen’s artworks as much as I do. Now it’s time for me to get drawing!

All images and information courtesy of Allen Ostergar Instagram

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