Character Design

Lately, in my General Illustration II class I’ve been working on a character design project and now I have to take my character and create a comic using it. At first I struggled a little bit coming up with an idea for a character to design because I’ve never really designed a character before and I didn’t know where to begin. This project is also pretty open ended so I could pretty much design whatever character I want. I wasn’t limited to creating just a human or some sort of animal. After a lot of trial and error I came up with the idea to create a Marywood squirrel. I figured this could be a great idea for a children’s comic.

Once I settled on the Marywood squirrel I started to brainstorm and plan out other details about my character such as its name, gender, location, hobbies/interests, traits, appearance/clothing, if it can speak, etc. I also had to come up with reasons for some of these details and in my design of the actual character I had to make them apparent so when another person looks at my illustration they immediately know who the character is.

After thinking long and hard I decided to create a male squirrel named Milo who lives on Marywood’s campus. Milo can speak and some of his hobbies are scavenging for acorns and playing pranks on the students, tag and hide and go seek. Some of the traits I decided to give Milo are mischievous, smart, fun, charming, and adventurous.

In my design, I really wanted to give Milo a mischievous, bad boy look so I really tried to convey that with his facial expressions, body gestures, and his clothing. I figured the perfect outfit to give him would be a varsity jacket and high top sneakers and I think those are my favorite part of my design. Here is what I came up with.




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