Mugs and Handles

Ever since I took Basic Ceramics, a long long time ago, I’ve been particularly intrigued with the form of mugs and their handles. There’s something so important about the way a mug touches your lips, and the way a handle hugs your hand. Throughout my ceramic adventures, I must have made dozens of mugs in different forms. The first mugs I made were so tiny, and their handles most likely weighed more than the actual cup. Lately I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for mugs and there’s one similarity from all of my “customers”; the bigger the better! I guess size is important for caffeine addicts! Although I really can’t complain, throwing a larger form is more fun for me.

I used to really like throwing mugs that I suppose looked like small vases, that had a belly and a neck. I still like that form, but I have to say, throwing a large teacup form has been the most popular. Almost like a small bowl, really. Last week I began throwing some mug forms and realized that I had taken the “bigger the better” theme a little too far, and was actually making some decent size bowls I suppose. So I guess it’s all about finding the happy medium, or really just making a variety of sizes. As for handles, those aren’t my favorite topic to be honest, but I’m determined to make them one. So hopefully with time and practice, handles won’t be such a drag for me! Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they look and feel but for some reason I can’t get them down!

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