Going Back to Freshman Year

Way back during my first semester of freshman year at Marywood, I had a 3D class and I got a chance to work with wood for the first time. The project was to create a small abstract sculpture using a plank of wood. I was afraid to use the wood shop because I had no idea what I was doing but my teacher showed me how to use a band saw and the sander which helped a lot. For my first wooden sculpture it turned out pretty well and my teacher loved it! He even named it for me, The Wooden Garden, which I heard was a big deal from some of the other teachers.

The piece, with several of my others, was submitted to the foundation art gallery but was never put on display. I asked if I would be able to take the pieces that I submitted home because my family never got to see them in person. A lot of my pieces that were submitted were accidentally broken which upset me but I’ve been working on fixing them. I really missed this piece though because I never really got any pictures of it to document its existence. I wanted to write about this piece this week because it’s my beginning point and it shows how far I’ve come in three years. I honestly can’t believe I’m a junior and I’ve only got about a year and a half to go. I hope to push my self further in that time period to become better in my major because I love what I do.

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