Cheers!: Part 2 

I’m so excited to talk about the goblets that I’ve finally finished. It took a while for them to be fired but it was worth the wait! The glazes that I used turned out amazing especially the Angel Eyes on the ribbon goblet. The black wax glaze that I used on the diamond goblet turned out smooth and has a nice sleek finish to it. The best part about the glaze is that the goblets are safe to drink out of.

The only issues with the goblets are they aren’t that stable. They tend to wobble or lean to one side. When they were first fired they were stable but after the second or glaze firing they started to shift and bend at the bottom of the stem. My teacher offered an idea that could fix this problem. He said that pieces could be fired and epoxied to the bottoms of the goblet. For now they can stand on their own but I’ll probably wait to drink out of them so they don’t fall over. Overall I really enjoyed this project and how they turned out.

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