So last Thursday I went to New York City with the Marywood Art Department fall bus trip and we went to the Chelsea Gallery District. This is the second time that I have gone to Chelsea and I enjoyed it so very much. We saw a lot of different kinds of art and they were all very unique and different. It was hard because a lot of the galleries were setting up for their openings that night so we could not go in, but the ones that we did go in were breath taking. One of my favorites was a gallery that the artist made giant sculptures out of colored drinking straws. When you would walk past it the black of the inside of the straws felt like it followed you. It was overwhelming in person, and yet I could not stop staring at it. They had ones with all white straw, or all black ones, and from far away they looked as if they were velvet. The pictures can not even do the pieces justice.

Some of the paintings I saw on this trip were amazing. I have a hard time describing them with words just because the time and skill that were put into these pieces are unreal. Also the size of these painting made them even more breath taking because they were as large as a wall. One looked as if it was melted crayons, but when you go closer to it you could see that it was long strips of colored glass.

IMG_9059.JPGThis one was as long as the gallery was. I could not even get it the whole thing on my phone because it want long than the screen of my phone. At the bottom there were drips of where the glass ran, being able to get close and look at this piece was awesome.

And lastly this painting was my favorite out of all the ones I saw and it was also the first painting we saw of the day which makes it even better to me just because by starting with this painting I knew it was going to be a good day! 🙂




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