Chips, Dips, and Bubbles

Last semester I was constantly in the studio trying new techniques that I had found online or heard about from a fellow student. I had always wanted to throw a chip and dip dish, but the process was intimidating. In order to make a successful piece, you had to essentially throw a small bowl inside of a large plate (wow). I watched a couple of videos on YouTube, and I decided to give it a shot. After one failure, I finished two chip and dip dishes much to my surprise! Trimming them was another feat, but once the job was done they were ready to be put in the bisque fire.

Another new technique I had discovered was called “bubble glazing”. I saw some pictures on Pinterest and then further investigated it on Instagram (a great way to find inspiration from other artists). First, I dipped my chip and dips in a glossy white glaze. Next I put a very small amount of our black glaze in a yogurt cup and added one pump of hand soap, then I stirred it up, and stuck in a straw! After that I started to blow bubbles as I held the overflowing cup over my piece, while the bubbles fell onto the dish. Slowly but surely they all popped and left a beautiful pattern of black organic shapes. These two chip and dips were then fired in our kiln once again, and revealed a few days later! This semester I most definitely want to make many more chip and dip dishes, and of course pursue more bubble glazing!

freshly glazed chip and dip dish

two chip and dip dishes with bubble glaze


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