Speaker Hack

If you’re a college student then more than likely you’re on a budget. So buying a Bluetooth speaker for your dorm might not be on your school supply list. I’ve noticed a lot of speaker hacks that only require some house hold items. I wanted to try it myself and I got some pretty good results. The supplies you’ll need are a toilet paper roll, a pen, cutting tool (Xacto, scissors, pocket knife, etc.), and something to decorate your speaker afterwards. I just used simple silver duct tape.

Step 1: Outline and cut

So to make the slot in the roll the right size for your phone your going to have to trace the bottom part of the phone onto the roll. Every phone is different so there is no exact measurement for this step.

Next you’re going to use a cutting tool of your choice to cut only on the outline you’ve drawn.

step 2: decorate and enjoy

img_3694Now you’re going to decorate your handmade speaker. I recommend your use duct tape just because it makes it a lot sturdier. You can then get fancy with it and paint designs on it or use stickers. It’s up to you!




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