This semester I am taking Intro to Graphic Design and my first official project for the class is to create a ligature. A ligature is basically a character that consists of two or more letter forms that are connected to each other. For this project I have to use my own initials to create my design. Besides using my initials, I also have to create my design using three adjectives that describe my personality and who I am, and I think this will be my biggest challenge with the project.

In order to create a successful design the best thing I can do is to create as many thumbnail sketches as possible. By drawing as much as possible my creativity can be pushed to its highest potential. Below are just some of the thumbnail sketches I came up with so far in my sketchbook but I plan to keep working on these further and come up with a lot more. I will also probably keep experimenting and try to create some thumbnails in Adobe Illustrator as well. There are so many brushes and tools in Illustrator that I know will be very helpful with this project.

Featured image:

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