Christmas Cards

It’s almost Christmas, and that means you’ll most likely be receiving holiday cards in the mail from family and friends.

Last year I tried to send out cards; I would walk to the seasonal section in stores to look at the cards but I couldn’t make up my mind. There were so many beautiful designs it was hard for me to just pick one. By the time I narrowed down my choices, it was too late!

I bought two different designs, gave some to the people I saw in person and held on to the rest. This year I will be sending out all of the cards that I didn’t have the opportunity to send out last year.

My problem last year was that it took me a long time to pick out the “right” card to give out. The solution? I will be designing my own cards from now on to give an even more personalized touch to my family and friends.

I’m going to start designing now, so that they’re ready with enough time to be delivered next year!

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