Transforming a Space

As I’ve mentioned in other articles of mine, such as Juvenile-in-justice , I took a mixed media class this past semester. This semester I’ve learned a multitude of skills in this course and how to make meaningful work. We talked a lot about art as activism and how to convey meaning through work without being direct and in your face.  With a heavy heart I created my final piece for the class.

For my final I wanted to work with the idea of transforming spaces and how experiences can be perceived.  In this piece I’ve decided to work with a particular moment I experienced. In this moment I was upset and hurt which led me to think about all the conversations and moments I’ve had that were painful and impactful. This thought process then led me to the thought of “where do I go when these moments are happening? What would that space in my head feel like if I were to manifest it into existence?  These thoughts led me to create an interactive piece that shows the agitation and anger as well as the calmness and safety that one creates to protect oneself.

The exterior of this piece shows the feeling and words externally, but when you take a seat inside the curtains, it’s calm and serene. When in there I felt that I never wanted to leave, it felt so relaxing and safe. Each person who chooses to take a seat will have their own unique experience, they’ll stay for varying lengths of time, reflect on different moments in their life, or maybe just focus on the structure of the piece itself. Each person will have their own unique perception of the piece as well as a shared experience with those who also chose to take a seat.

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