The Artist’s Diary

Hello everyone! It’s a great opportunity to be joining the team here at Where Creativity Works!

My first post would perhaps be best used as a clarification. To say this is my first blog may be misleading. I feel many people would associate a blog as a public diary, and that is how I wish to approach it as. This will be a public diary where I will record and explain my creative concepts, the obstacles that come with bringing them to life and ultimately discuss how such work will translate into a career as a graphic designer. But to restate the first opening lines, I have already been doing that through my sketches. I have made it personal goal of mine to draw for at least a few minutes everyday for the past year because sketches are very much the foundations of any artist’s work even though much of the public does not get to see them. Some days are harder than others and most of it will not look professional but sketching is primarily about exploring ideas and perfecting a craft. I have primarily worked in figure drawing but open anyone’s sketchbook and it will look wildly different than the rest. So here are a couple visuals to see just what the typical daily sketch may look like.

Sometimes you won’t have your sketchbook with you and there will be a need to improvise. As long as you could draw or paint on something, keep it and taped or staple it to that sketchbook! Who knows maybe the pattern you thought up of will show up in a later painting of yours.

Not everything will be a finished product or meet expectations either. You can’t learn anything if you don’t fail!

Also don’t be afraid to use multiple mediums. Draw over things if you cant find room you might end up discovering something new if you mix and mash things that are completely different.

This was a short guide on what would be the on and off work and hopefully every week I will showcase a page from the sketchbook as a little bonus to show my current thoughts.

I’m so excited to see where this will go and I look forward to showing what is coming next week!

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