Sketches – Week 3

This week was filled with many different pieces, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite. I experimented a bit more and attempted more digital illustrations.


I had been working on a drawing for Where Creativity Works’ ceramics blogger, Joseph Gerace; I caricatured a photograph of him. The fly rod was placed in his hand to display one of his passions as well. I looked at the photo and did a number of pencil drawings to find the best to outline his likeness. I accentuated his beard, ear and his eyes. This caricature is not excessive, but the slight adjustments stylize it.


Looking through a number of old books from my Uncle who is an artist, I found one with pulp art illustrations. I have been been drawing from the book to improve my own style and using them as inspiration for other work. This image here was taken from an illustration done by Norman Saunders in Ten Story Detective, 1938. I did not fully capture the shadows with the pen, but I will be doing more drawings like this.


Doing more illustrations digitally I gave painting a shot. Using an option to replicate oil paint, I painted a scene from the stream I fish with my brother. Not focusing on detail, I wanted to capture the shadows and highlights with simple brush strokes. I also pushed reality with the colors used, especially the purples and blues.


This was the second digital painting that I completed. I am more satisfied with this one because of the color choices and placement. I used another brush and it came out much sharper and brighter. I also painted with more saturated colors to really make it pop… especially the oranges in the bottom.

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