Clay Fails and Success

I decided to showcase some of my side sculpture projects that either didn’t work out the way I wanted or just weren’t spectacular enough to showcase on their own.

First I have this wall plaque, or at least that’s what it was going to be until it dried out before I could complete it.

This is what I like to call a soul-eater, not exactly what a soul-eater is in folklore, but my own interpretation. As I see it, this being lures you to them by their cries and then consumes your soul. I’m positive there are other folklore or mythological creatures that better suit this being over a soul-eater, but I like the name soul-eater more.

Unfortunately, it was not able to see its full potential, but as it is, it looks pretty nice.

My next sculpture was more of an experiment that failed. At home, since I didn’t have a kiln, I decided to use metal wire as a base and build clay on top of it for support and strength. This did not work. It ended up cracking all over… But, it was fun to make.

Inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s The Cat, I made my own slim cat figure.

I wanted to capture a cat just about to pounce on their prey. I always love to watch my cats little butts wiggle while all their little legs are bent.

I don’t have a picture of it dried, but it’s for the best that the image you have of it isn’t when it’s all cracked and broken.

Finally, I have a success to show. I had seen a potter make a thumb-cup, which is a hand thrown ceramic cup with an indentation for the thumb, and wanted to give it a try.

With this, I also wanted to play with textures, so a slight warning for trypophobes.

Thanks for following along, and I’ll see you next time!

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