Senior Show 2023

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Senior Show this past weekend. There was a variety of inspiring artwork from an array of majors such as illustrators, graphic designers, art therapists, etc. 

Senior Show 2023: Mahady Gallery & Suraci Gallery from April 15 – May 6

The show not only gave insight into how the seniors of Marywood’s art program have developed their skills. It was also a reflection of each artist’s unique and individual style. There was a range of pieces from original creations, to fan art, and explorative pieces.

Artwork by Alexander Wachholz in the Mahady Gallery

In particular, as an illustration major I was very impressed with Alexander Wachholz section. His style is very painterly and dynamic; letting the eye either flow through or happily bounce through his pieces. 

Artwork by Abigail Robson in the Suraci Gallery

Another artist who caught my eye was Abby Robson. She is an art therapy major who has an affinity for jewelry making. Her beautifully crafted rings and work show her enjoyment for the delicate yet bold medieval style designs.

I was extremely impressed with what our seniors had to offer this year. I wish all the senior artists for the class of ‘23 a fruitful future full of artistic endeavors and personal achievements!

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