Clay Filled Happy Place

I’m going through ceramic’s withdrawals… It’s summer therefore I am at home, which means I have no cozy ceramics studio to work in like I do when I’m at Marywood. During the school year the studio is always only a walk away, which I love and take advantage of. Doing ceramics, just simply throwing on the wheel, is my own little personal therapy, my happy place.

There’s been multiple times where I’ve just gone to the ceramics studio on campus and worked there for hours and not because something was due or anything like that. I did it as a way to get away from the world and relax. I always go in and stay for a long time, but I’m the moment it doesn’t feel like forever; I never dread it. I often leave hungry because I’ve lost track of time so much that I skipped a meal… or two.

Me throwing clay on an electric wheel

Photograph by Carolyn Warcup

The mere fact that I can go somewhere and be completely separate from everything else going on in the world is amazing to me. Sometimes I’ll be sitting there on the wheel and even if there’s other people in the studio I’m off in my own world to a point where I don’t hear someone at first when I’m spoken to. This isn’t some imaginary fantasy world or anything it’s just peace and quiet because I’m so focused on the task at hand. (I think everyone has a place like this where they can feel this way and every one’s is different but I kind of think it’s magical that it even happens at all.) I think everyone needs a calming place such as this.

From an art therapy perspective using clay can be intimidating; it’s messy and somewhat uncontrollable but it allows for amazing sensory experience. Not to mention the self-expression that can be explored through the medium. I think it’s a perfect medium to use in the right setting. I can’t wait to learn more about it in classes to come and I look forward to using it in the future with clients.

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