Semester Paintings

For this week I’d thought I’d share some of the paintings that I completed from the last spring semester. The paintings are assignments from my Painting I class and since I never shared my Paris exhibition piece from my study abroad I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to.

In Painting I the projects went from still life, model, to landscape with varying objections for each painting. The required medium for painting one is oil, so I was excited to dig deeper into the medium. Before the class I have only worked with oil paint once in high school. I grew to love the medium through the semester so I decided to create an oil painting for the Paris exhibition at the AFA Gallery.

A rough overview of what painting my paintings taught me is about working with a limited palette. Working with possibly 4 or 5 colors can be challenging especially when what you are painting has such a variety. When using a limited palette it’s important to ignore the colors you see, but instead focus on the value of it. I like to pretend what I’m looking at is in a grey scale to go free range with the colors. It’s also important to simplify the form and shapes. That was the most challenging in the landscape paintings because I wanted to capture the subject all the while simplifying.

My painting for the the Paris exhibition is a color palette inspired by paintings from the Louvre and the feeling of Paris. The painting has the morning sun along the seine river. Everything in Paris has a beautiful morning glow during this time and I tried my best to capture that.

Oil painting

I used what I learned from Painting I and incorporated it into the painting. I am quite pleased with the results and this is a happy reminder for me to get back to oil painting this summer.

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