Clay Studio

For my art therapy internship class we were given a list of places that are good options to get some outside hours at. I went to my first place last week, Moscow Clayworks. It is a clay studio run by a retired art therapist, Frank Goryl, simply giving others the option to use art as therapy. He explained that he asks people to do 3 specific projects while at his studio. The first is a project done by oneself, for oneself. The next is a project done with one other person. The last is a project done with a group of people.  There is so much more to this place than I can explain in this blog post.

Frank has open studios allowing people to come as they please and use the facility. The studio is set up in a way that makes it feel homey and personal. There is an after school program for high school students starting in October which I am excited to observe and participate in. Even though clay is often seen as a messy medium, which could cause one to think of it as uncontrollable; I find that it is very calming to use, not chaotic at all (and the mess just adds to the fun).

I hope to one day own a clay studio such as Frank does. I obviously want to work as a licensed clinical art therapist first but a lifelong goal of mine would be to open a clay studio when I’m older. Just a simple place for people to come together and make art.

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