Book Design!

So far this year, my graphic design classes have been a lot tougher than they have been the past two years. I have been dealing with much shorter deadlines and quite a heavier work load, but I definitely feel like it has been preparing me for the real world of being a graphic designer. I like that I have been given the opportunity to challenge my creativity by having a short period of time to get projects done.

Currently in my Graphic Design II class with Professor Steven Brower, we have been working to design an entire book. A biography to be exact, and we got to choose the icon that we wanted to feature. So far we have had three projects due of designing the book cover, the full spread which includes the back cover with the inside and outside flaps, and the inside of the book which includes the title page, copyright page, table of contents, and the first chapter.

For our book cover, our one rule was that we were not allowed to use a picture of the person but instead things that reminded you of them. Immediately when he said that my mind went to David Bowie, the late iconic singer, who was well known for his androgynous fashion. His signature lightning bolt stuck out in my mind and I knew that it would make for a very bold choice for the cover.

I also decided to use more iconic symbols for my back cover and title page by featuring some of his signature poses from his past album covers. I would love to see this printed out as an actual book, and I think these multiple designs will make for a great portfolio piece.

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