Start of Something New

This year in Color Photography II we are starting a project of choice. During this project we can pick any type of subject and continue to take photographs of that subject throughout the semester. Halfway through the semester, we will look back at what we have done and determine if we should alter anything or stay the same.

My subject choice is landscapes. Landscapes is what I really want to work on this year. I want to be able to try and master them because in order for me to have a chance at working for National Geographic I have to master landscapes first. Even though landscapes isn’t the only subject that National Geographic contains, I believe that it involves a big part of it.

When people think of landscapes, they think of a photograph of an almost panorama like feeling. The kind of landscapes that Ansel Adams photographed is what I believe is your basic landscape. I want to change that perspective. This semester I’m going to take photographs that have a main focal point, something in the landscape that stands out from everything else.

This weekend I went to Montage Mountain to take photographs. I didn’t really find anything there that stood out from everything, but I still took experimental photographs of things that I usually don’t take photographs of. Things like, insects on flowers and the sunset. This photoshoot gave me ideas of what I don’t want to focus on and how I already need to improve on my original idea. I also need to work on my exposures and how I want to set my apertures. By apertures, I mean that I need to determine if I want everything in focus or only certain things in focus. I also need to remember to bring a tripod next time so I have crisper photographs, but as usual, I’ll most likely forget again!

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