CMYKlub at Kidstuff

At the end of April 2017, Marywood University hosted their annual event, Kidstuff, where local children could spend the afternoon doing activities and crafts. Everyone that had a table at the event was to choose a book then relate the activity to the book. This year’s theme was Reading Rainbow and the walls of the gym were decorated with various artworks from children’s classics.

Maci Roos and I had our own table with our craft representing the CMYKlub. Each club participating had to choose a craft or game that relates to their chosen book and our book was The Five Little Monkeys. The fun craft we had was marbled bookmarks. To make marbled bookmarks all you need is card stock, shaving cream, food coloring, toothpicks, a scraper, and a few bins. The shaving cream filled the bins and we swirled various colors in each bin for the kids to choose from. To keep our craft related to the book we stamped a monkey at the bottom of each bookmark then wrote each children’s name.

marbled bookmarks

The craft was messy at times but the kids loved it. It may have even been more of hit with the college students and adults. Everyone was coming back and making more and more bookmarks! It was a fun filled rewarding day to see all the happy kids. This was the first year I took part in the event and I am looking forward to more of them. If you will be around during the spring semester next year, consider volunteering to Kidstuff, you won’t regret it.

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