Ordinary Moments

On a dark and dreary night, as it was raining cats and dogs outside, and inside one of my cats decided to join me in sitting near the fake fireplace in my living room. A seemingly simple act for my cat turned into a moment of inspiration for me. For those who have animal friends, sometimes seeing them sleeping in the sun or just sitting by the fire can make you stop for a minute and just think what beautiful and magnificent creatures they are. I took this opportunity to capture the moment an active and playful animal would sit still and admire the same flames I was admiring a few inches behind him.

Sometimes inspiration can come in the simple and ordinary moments like warming up after a rainy day by a fire. Seeing a billboard, scrolling through social media sites, or just walking through town can set the wheels turning in your head for your next project. It is always different for each person to find inspiration, but sometimes it only takes a moment to realize that your inspiration could be everywhere. Look at the ordinary moments that are usually overlooked. As the last blogger Samantha Stausser has repeatedly said, “art really is everywhere.”

As summer is coming upon us, don’t let your creativity fade in the summer heat. Draw a picture of the waves on the beach, take a picture of the wildlife around you, or paint in your own home. Remember that any moment can be a moment of inspiration.

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