Coffee Month

Many of you may know that this month is a celebration of one of the best drinks ever created (unbiased opinion) and the favorite of many sleep-deprived people craving energy. Yup, coffee. As a coffee addict and barista, I was naturally obligated to do something for National coffee month. As I was pondering on what to draw, my co-worker gave me a brilliant idea: to do a painting for Adezzo. It was perfect knowing my exhibition is currently up for this month, so I added another.

This may be my favorite project I have worked on this entire summer vacation. I was able to play around with colors. Choose one that captures the energizing feeling you get with the first sip. I wanted to reflect the cafe’s colors in the painting. It is an overall warm tone with accents of blue moving across to lead the eye. I aimed to create a sense of flowyness and mix non-objective patterns with an objective subject. This is done in acrylic, even though I am more of an oil painting person. It may sound a bit controversial, but I prefer them a lot more than acrylics. They always frustrated me; I would mix two colors on the palette and only apply my first two strokes, only to realize the paint was already dry. It doesn’t even allow me time to blend! Intensely I was not too fond of acrylics for the longest time; however, during the last month, as I rushed to finish my exhibition pieces, I came to like that characteristic of acrylics. I worked around it and was able to adapt to its drying process.

I suppose a helpful skill an artist can have is an adaptation to different mediums and the knowledge of having their way with ones that require opposite techniques. Watercolor requires a different approach than pencil colors, and knowing both and being comfortable with them does help one explore and add to their art style. I’m glad I was able to overcome my dislike for acrylics.

Back to the painting- I am so glad with how it turned out, and I think I got my expression of the feeling of coffee across. After working on so many paintings, I will most likely go on a creativity block for a while.

Thank you for reading!

/ᐠ ̥  ̮  ̥ ᐟ\ฅ

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