Collage Printmaking

In Printmaking we talked about an artist named Randall Enos. He is very well known for his linocuts and how he made them, cutting up the prints and putting them back together in a collage like way. For our recent project we used ideas similar to this making several prints using different colors of ink and making it into a print collage.

The process for this project included taking an old print we had done or creating a new one to print in a few different types of color. For my project I chose to use an old print with the colors blue, pink, and lavender. We then took our prints and cut them up however we liked with an X-acto knife or a box cutter blade. The fun part was being able to put them back together in a mix matched kind of way. I ended up making three end products out of the six colored prints I made. This project was also nice because we were not limited to the type of paper we printed on. A couple of people printed their pieces on scrapbook paper.

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