The Next Project 

I know what it looks like but no I didn’t break my arm. The stuff on my arm in the video below is made out of the material used in medical casts but I’m using it to cast aluminum. The mold fits my arm perfectly, so now I can make an arm band what will too. I love steampunk which is a futuristic Victorian style. The idea is to use discarded objects to create something new. So to do that I made a base that I can upgrade with objects I find.

To make the cast, I needed help because it definitely required more than one hand. I took a time lapse video to show the process of making a keylocked cast. My arm had to be covered in Vaseline so that the cast material wouldn’t stick to my arm but it still pulled on the hairs. I still really loved this projects and I think I’ll be doing one of my legs next!

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