Color Me Happy.

COLOR, COLOR, COLOR and more COLOR. With Easter passing, I realized how pretty the pastel colors of Easter are. It is so fun to see the way people decorate and dress for this holiday. It is so happy and cheerful.

One thing I absolutely love about Graphic Design is making color palettes to use in design. It is so fun and entertaining to take the time to choose what colors to use.

I might just call myself a color nerd because I spend my free time brainstorming color palettes. I mainly spend my time searching color palettes on Pinterest. I spend way to much time searching for the perfect color palette.

One of my favorite websites to find unique color combinations is . I could spend hours clicking through and saving my favorites. Color is something that really inspires me and just simply makes me happy. I try to include a unique color palette in all my work, which you can check out at my website.

If I ever want to get my eyes off the computer I spend a lot of time just shuffling through Pantone swatches and mixing them up in many different ways to try to find something new and interesting.

At the end of my color obsession what I love most is the mood color can portray and that is a big aspect when designing. It can be so powerful and really emphasize the message you are trying to send.

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