Color Therapy?

Hello everyone!

This weeks post is really just a prequel to next weeks when I have actual photos to share with you on my process.

i recently discovered that going out of my comfort zone with my color palettes actually invokes more emotive responses. For me, this helps with my creative process more. I feel as though doing something your comfortable with isn’t always beneficial and doing something out of your comfort zone may spark creativity or feelings you’ve never noticed before.

Lately, in my painting course, I’ve been using shapes and colors that don’t work together, or I don’t particularly like to see if I can gather new inspiration from the experiences I have. By this I mean that when I am doing a piece, frustration gives me fuel to continue morphing it into to something I find more desirable.

Like I always say, every painting has its ugly stage.

So next week, to further explain what I mean, I will be showing pictures of several layers to show you my levels of frustration, build up and emotions I had during this piece of work. I think it is important to note that when I am doing this I work on several parts on various days, so each layer, to me, resembles a different emotive response to the day.

Tune in next week for more on this topic!

Until next time…!


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