Francisco De Goya

Francisco De Goya was a painter and printmaker during the romanticism art movement. He is as famous for his prints as he is for his paintings. Most of his work was based on political satire surrounding issues that affected him personally.

One of his less political pieces, La Tauromaquia, a series of 33 prints that depicted bullfighting scenes. Goya used a variety of etching and aquatint techniques for this series.

El esforzado Rendón picando un toro, de cuya suerte murió en plaza de Madrid

In El Esforzado Rendón, it is easy to see the change in tonal values. Goya was a masterful printmaker, the amount of time and detail that went into each print is clearly seen through the final result.

Going back and learning more about Francisco De Goya has really opened my eyes to the fact that you can have more than one style and more than one passion in the art field.

Goya would practice printmaking in between some of his painting series. He was skilled in painting and that translated over to his printmaking techniques.

My passion is in advertising and graphic design but I enjoy learning about printmaking as well as the process involved in creating prints. I hope that by seeing how artists have been able to achieve great things through different mediums continues to inspire me to follow my own path in the art field.

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