Local History

Hello, everyone!

This past week I was FINALLY able to get to Old Mill Village and start to photograph some of the artifacts.

Taking the time to try to give back to my local community truly feels great. I’m beyond grateful to Marywood for giving me the education that enables me to give back to my community like I can with this internship.

Like many artists, home is something I value and I hope I continue to have opportunities such as this to give back to my home.

I also would like to mention how amazing it is that I was able to walk into the gallery, and automatically visualize exactly what was working on and what could need attention. I feel confidently prepared to begin my career in December, which I owe almost entirely to the wonderful faculty at Marywood and the unreal opportunities that I’ve been given over the past two years.

To everyone that has been a part of my journey, I thank you from the bottom of heart.

Enjoy some photos of some of the quirky artifacts from Old Mill Village, and wish me luck on my ambitious plans!

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