Colorful Characters

Character design is the reason I chose to major in illustration. Since I could grasp a pencil, I have always drawn characters. People that I have encounter on a daily basis, or strangers I’ve seen only once, would inspire me to draw characters of different forms and personalities. Over the years I have managed to catalog my progress through artist sketchbooks, and even as I am starting to draw digitally, I still always carry a drawing notebook for the times I need to draw or write down ideas for new characters. This semester I was given the opportunity to flex my character design muscles and created 24 characters for an assignment for my book illustration class and it was such an amazing experience!

The characters I needed to make were for a story called the 12 princesses. In the story, it was also mentioned that each princess had a prince that they matched so, in the end, I needed to have 24 characters made for my story. The story was made for children so I wanted to make the designs of each of the characters to be eye catching and easy to read. I brainstormed some ideas, and the princesses went through a couple of evolutions in design before what you see now. I decided to make each princess and prince monochromatic so that each color was given a personality and children would have favorites among the cast of characters.

I love my fun color characters! I would really like to take this project further and I want to submit my portfolio to doll making or teen cartoon networks because I honestly was inspired by monster high dolls which are so creative and a fun show to watch!

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