Colorized Caricatures

Looking through my recent caricatures, I decided to digitally colorize them. Starting off as a ballpoint pen and transferring it into Adobe Illustrator, I was able to not only sharpen, but keep the “pen-line” quality of the illustrations. I had to simplify the line work enough to still lighten the shadows, but just enough to not lose the highlights.

POPEYE for insta
“POPEYE” – Colorized
SWINTZER for insta
“SWITZER” – Colorized, Alfalfa

The most enjoyable part of this process was the adding of color. I could choose whatever I wanted to bring the people to life. The colors are so saturated, that they pop out of the screen. I had to figure out the best colors to go together as well, due to the bold background that would glow around the figure. I also offset the background to make the person almost standing in front of it, instead of inside of it. Especially in “STEEL”; slight variations of the primary colors red, yellow, and blue were all utilized, creating a harmony within the piece.

STEEL for insta
“STEEL” – Colorized
ORBITAL for insta
“ORBITAL” – Colorized

I am very satisfied with the results and will eventually revitalize my other caricatures down the road. I think for next week, I will create something different, straying away from the caricatures for a bit.

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