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Comics have always had a bit of a shadow over them. Back during the golden age of comics, people claimed that they could make the children who read them into vigilantes! Even now, though comic and ‘nerdy’ things have become more mainstream because of movies, there’s still a sort of hate thrown in their direction. People say you can’t make money off them as an artist, or some artists hate on different styles despite it’s how the artist wishes to express themselves. It can be rough to go into comics, even in modern times.

Even so, there have been a lot of places that have made themselves available to the art form. Comic-Con and other conventions have artist alleys, where artists can sell their own comics, or fan art of preexisting series. Even places like lend themselves to those who want to make webcomics and publish them online instead of in ways of print.

Female Thor

Female Thor, image courtesy of, Marvel Comics, and The New Thor comics

Comics these days have made big strides in terms of changing storylines to be empowering to all sorts of readerships, and women can partake a lot more in writing and artistry than ever before. Japanese comics, also known as Manga, have a wide readership in not just Japan, but the U.S., Canada, and countries in Europe and all around the world! Despite how people claim the styles are too alike, and that ‘manga style is terrible and all copied’, there are artist with a wide array of art and styles.

Comparing different styles

Art from Death Note, Naruto, Ancient Magus Bride, and My Hero Academia

So how can you get into it? You can make your own comic and post it on websites, or as I said you can even print it out yourself. There are many ways to sell it, as long as your art and story are good, you will get people’s attention! Instagram is also another great way to attention for any comics you make. If it’s your first time showing off your comic, lots of conventions have the small artist alleys, a small fee being the only thing keeping you from showing off what you’ve got!

Do you guys have any comics? Let me know in the comments! I would absolutely love to read them! Have a great week, and until next time, keep on creating!

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