Making Chemical Structures Art

Last semester there was an iron pour and everyone in my class made something that could get cast. I made a large tile with a serotonin chemical structure on it for my sister. She’s a science major and I knew she would love it. Well it was recently her birthday and I decided to make her another tile with a different chemical structure. This structure was of propofol which is used to relax and make someone sleepy before a medical procedure.

The structure was interesting and simple to make. My sister loves blue so I decided to do a raku glaze which has a metallic finish. When a raku glaze is done being fired it must be taken quickly out of the kiln while it is still red hot. Then it is put into a metal trash can filled with leaves. This will cause the metallic finish. I love this process because it is very random and the glaze will never look the same. My sister really loved her present and I hope to make some again.

Check out this video of a Bronze Pour at Marywood University!

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