World’s Most Colorful City

As I start my second student teaching placement today, I can’t help but think back to spring break last week. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to go abroad and study major works of art from the Renaissance and more in Italy. During this time I was able to discover a new love for the art, as I have always been an impressionist enthusiast it was important for me to really analyze and break down compositional elements of each painting.

Titian’s last painting, a revolution for his time. Notice the early use of the impressionist brush stroke.

Tintoretto created a “keyhole” frame with shadow surrounding this painting.  It is unclear why, but I will be doing further research on it as it was very intriguing.

Giotto painted this church in Padova over the span of only two years.

The amazing work on the ceiling of this school, created by Tintoretto, had to be viewed through a mirror to understand the full effects of the compositions.

So many intricate fabrics and patterns are continuously displayed.

While we were in Venice, we got to explore the city some more on our free day so I decided to head to the islands off of Venice. It was definitely worth it, especially for any fiber, glass, or color enthusiast. Burano is most well known for being a fisherman’s town, it’s handmade lace and its colorful houses!

Here is a slideshow of my favorite parts:

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