Community of Self-Healing

The time is finally here, Thanksgiving break! While everyone is recovering from their food commas and lack of sleep from shopping, I’d like to invite you to take some time to appreciate this post about the Graduate Art Therapy students and their artworks.

Right now, in the lobby of the second floor of Shields Center for Visual Arts, next to the Suraci art gallery, is a display of a graduate studio in art therapy works, entitled A Community of Self-Healing. Each student’s artworks are paired with an artist statement discussing their inspirations and ideas of their own works. Taking time to read each student’s artist statement transcends the artwork even more. You develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for each artwork. When students get back on campus I encourage you to wander up to the second floor to view the graduates’ works. For now here are some images of the students artworks.

Held Energy Painting

Held Jennifer Matthes

My Inner Being

My Inner Being Sarah Schaeffer

Self Help Artwork

Self Help Tiffany Boyer


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