Paint and Tape 

In my painting class we are working on abstract paintings. Now I have never made my own abstract painting, but I can really appreciate some of them. When I was younger I really didn’t understand abstract and I basically thought anyone could make them, but since making them, I realize how much work and energy goes into them! Not only is a lot of planning but it is usually a build up of paint, which can take a course of a few years. I really like texture on the painting, but when you are working with oil paint and you try to build it up, the colors don’t look as pure and start to look muddy.

During my last class I decided to work with some tape to make designs. I wanted to have different patterns and designs with the paint, but I cannot see to wrap my brain around how the outcome will be until I actually see it. I’m not sure why I can’t figure it out because usually I can figure stuff out, but not this. On this painting I mixed almost 35 different color because all of them are slightly different. In the picture I took it is not as obvious as in person, but I think I really like this painting. I was debating for a while if it was actually finished or if I wanted to add some organic shapes into it. I still might keep it as it is right now and then later on add more to it. Or maybe just make more painting like this. I guess we will see what I decided to do then! This painting took me almost the entire 3 hour class period because of the drying time and everything else.

I want to make a set of smaller ones and then they are they can be arranged all different ways and like tiles. I think if they are smaller I will have to use thinner tape, but that also means that it might be more tedious. There are so many different factors when it comes to painting and they just don’t make sense to me like working with a 3D material does. I just have to work a little extra harder and maybe one day I won’t think it as painful as it is now haha 



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