Concentrating on a Topic

Something I like to do with my drawings is to take a period of time to focus on a certain topic. Maybe it could be portraits, still lives, landscape or anything else. A lot of the time what I draw is something that I am focusing my attention on in my day to day life, so it’s usually a subject matter that is personal to me.

One of my favorite ways to pass time and get inspiration is to be outside. I’ve always loved hiking, backpacking, bird-watching, fishing and just lounging outside. I find that there is always something new to see and I come home happier and with new ideas. The one thing that I really focus on is fly fishing. It has been a very educational journey for the last year learning and practicing fly fishing and tying and it’s something that I really identify with.

Lately I’ve been thinking about and planning ways to incorporate my passion for fly fishing into my art, and meld it into my profession possibly as a career path and at the least simply a way to have fun with my illustrations.

Focusing this week on the topic of fly fishing has been alot of fun for me and I can see that it is something I will be putting more effort into learning and combining with my illustrations.

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