Crayon and Felt Pen Continued

Following the same theme, I have made an addition to the process that I have been using thus far. Instead of just outlining the figure with color, I draw in a bold black line with the felt pen. This bold line solidifies the heads and captures the detail within itself. This line separates the white space and color from the rest of the illustration, drawing the eye more towards the center of the page.

Untitled 6

“YELLOW YELLOW” – Felt Pen and Crayon on Paper

This small addition makes a bigger impact than just the crayon outline. This technique is seen in countless other illustrator’s work and I can see why it would be used. The top illustration was referenced from Steve McQueen and the bottom from James Dean. Like my previous drawings, the colored border is taken from the outline of the figure to create unity within the piece.

Untitled 7

“MINT GREEN” – Felt Pen and Crayon on Paper

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