Concrete City pt 2

Recently, I ventured back to Concrete City near Nanicoke, PA for a Basic Photography Assignment. The most recent concept from Dennis Corrigan was “people hiding behind things”, and what other place to capture that than an abandoned city? So, after work on February 15, I grabbed a classmate from my Photography class and another friend who is interested in photography and drove the 40 minutes.

Once there, we did a mix of the project along with just normal photography and it was a really fun experience.

For the project, it was very fun to find different angles and areas to have people hide. with the buildings so run down and ruined, there are a lot of interesting ways to include the concept of people hiding. There are a lot of holes and ruined walls within the buildings, so it was very fun to do.

As stated, the three of us also took just fun photos while in Concrete City. Besides the building, there was a car on the path that (very clearly) people brought back there solely to completely destroy it. It was a very cool sight to see, especially because it was never there on my previous trips there.

You can check out more of these photos on my Photography Instagram here.

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