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Hey everyone!

As promised, I will be discussing another visual journal this week! I am trying to pick out a variety to show and discuss with you guys, so that you can see a well-rounded idea of what a visual journal is in Art Therapy and what it could be in other forms of art or education.

Visual Journal

This visual journal is more simple than most that I do. But it’s significance goes beyond what little you see in the picture.

feature image 8This one was supposed to reflect how I was feeling on that particular day. These are called “check-in” visual journals. There are many types, as I discussed in the previous post. This one would be a “check-in” but others could be studies, observations or possible directive plans.

I don’t remember exactly what day this was done but judging by the color and simplistic value, I don’t think I was extremely happy, but I wasn’t extremely sad either. I think I was in the grey area of contentment. As you can see by my color choice, my “grey area” analogy works perfectly.

You are probably going to see this in a lot of my work, but I repeat the same organic shapes in most of my work and journal entries. It’s something that I find grounds me, and to me that’s what a “check-in” or regular visual journal is supposed to do. You find what grounds you in times of chaos or anxiety. An aspect of art therapy is to help patients heal by helping them find what grounds them when they need to cope with certain things.

I think I will post another journal entry next week as well, but after that I will change it up!

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