Concrete Cupcakes

So one of my new art adventures is working with concrete. I have never worked with it before and I thought it would be fun to experiment with. Now I had to do some research for it. I bought Portland Concrete because it has a smoother consistency and less rocks.

The first experiment I tried was filling up balloons with water and dipping it in the concrete mix in hopes of getting a thin shallow bowl. This experiment failed miserably. It was extremely difficult to get the concrete thick enough for it not to crack off the balloons when it started to dry. I saw this on Pinterest, and it said it was easy to do, but it was a lot of time and effort for me to later have to throw it in the trash can. Later I found silicone cupcake wrappers that my mom was not using, so I filled them with concrete and put and egg in the wet concrete.  The eggs would make a small bowl like hole in the cupcake for the purpose of putting plants into them and I would be able to crack it out easily.IMG_7810.jpg

I let them harden over night and then I broke the egg out of them in the morning. It was a fairly simple project except the concrete has to stay damp for a few days because otherwise it will develop tiny cracks in it. This was the only problem I ran into, so for next time I know how to avoid the tiny cracks. I plan to make more of these to use for ring holders and more tiny planters because they are just adorable. The last thing I had to do was paint them and all I used was some cheap black acrylic paint and some liquid gold leaf! And that’s how I made concrete cupcakes!




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