Getting Your Work Out There

Recently I was able to meet with a friend of my brother’s that recently graduated with a degree in graphic design from Binghamton University. We spent a lot of time just talking about the field in general, and what it’s like after graduating, but he also gave me some really great advice.

Out of the many things he told me, one of the most important was to get your work out there. You can create online portfolios with websites like Behance, and make accounts for yourself on social media, separate from your personal accounts, that can showcase your art. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter are all really good places to create these accounts to help show your work publicly.

Right now I’m working on posting to a new instagram account where I can put pictures of my daily doodles, photographs, or any new bigger projects I’m working on. I highly recommend doing the same thing to help get your name, and work, around for the world to see!

You can view my new instagram account here @samcosta.jpg

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