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As I’m going into my senior year this fall, I’m starting to seriously look at job possibilities for when I’m finished with school. My hope is to stay within the area I’m currently living. There are multiple graphic design studios in the area, all of which I plan on applying to when the time comes. But, because it’s a small town and there may not be as many job openings as what’s offered in a larger city, I also plan on looking further south and possibly out of state to see what I can find.

BLKDOG Website

Click to see black dog DESIGN’s website and portfolio

There are a few specific places near home that I’m keeping my eye on as somewhere that I think I’d like to work in the future. One company that has caught my attention is black dog DESIGNS. This company does it all, from brand and identity development, to website and print design, plus advertising campaigns, campaign design, and promotional products. I would love working for this company because it would allow me to participate in the many sides of graphic design. I wouldn’t be stuck focusing on just one job. I could dabble in a little bit of website design or logo design or something for print which would keep things interesting.

Mannix Marketing Website

Click to see Mannix Marketing’s website and work

Another company I’ve been looking at is Mannix Marketing. The company has a strong focus on digital marketing and advertising. Their portfolio includes a wide array of beautifully designed websites. With this company, I would be able to explore and learn more about coding and web design, which is something I’ve recently become really interested in within the last year or so.

Both of these companies would allow me to stay close to home, which is a huge factor for me. But, should a better option arise, I wouldn’t be opposed to moving and finding a new adventure.

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