Having a Ball with Sosnak


Welcome back everyone! I am going to share the rest of my trip to Tampa with you. This was one of the coolest and most unexpected exhibitions I have ever seen. George Sosnak, a former umpire, took two of his favorite things and combined them. He like to do cartooning and caricatures, and also loved baseball.

IMG_9556 2

When a young female asked him to draw her favorite player on a ball she received at a game, his creativity kicked into gear. He took the idea of the first ball drawn for the girl and made it an amazing hobby and artwork that will be cherished forever.

Sosnak would draw the players on the balls and included statistics and information from the game. It created a very unique collage style doodle. That is truly amazing.

Here are some of my favorite balls I found at the exhibition:

I had a lot of fun exploring all of his intricate designs. It was an amazing way to cherish and view historic moments in the baseball world.  Any baseball lover or art lover would love to see this exhibit. If you are ever in the area I recommend checking it out or checking out any of his work.

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