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With coming to an end soon with one painting, I’m trying something different with the next. In my first painting of the summer, I used the medium of oil paints, but with this next one, I am trying out different things with watercolor on canvas. This may be more of a practice/future inspiration piece, but can definitely change over the process!

Ever since getting involved with art, watercolor has been one of my major interests in painting. The colors always soothe me and the way each color flows together is simply amazing. In this next piece, I am still considering motion and movement, but in different aspects with the watercolors. I have gone with a different palette with this one as well. I’m not sure if I am so in love with summer, BUT I am using yellows, pinks, reds, oranges, and purples. The way these paints are coming together and bouncing off one another can be one of the key strengths of this upcoming piece. I am thinking of what to add and what to change as the I keep going along with it. From previous blog posts, I have uploaded pictures of the roses I am interested in drawing with ink. Reflecting back on those roses from past pieces and sketches, I want to see how possibly they could fit into these bright colors to complement them. I am definitely going to keep playing around with this piece, but I am looking forward to what’s coming up next. Here are some process pictures:

Featured Image: Process Picture!

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