Cool Tones

I am still continuing to work with oils and for this week’s painting I wanted to focus on using a limited color palette. I was overall happy with my results for this painting. I like to challenge myself so I’m constantly learning. As I approach senior year most of my classes will require me to be more independent which is great but also scary. I have to be self-disciplined and be able to use my own time to its fullest potential. I am trying to keep myself involved in painting and drawing over the summer as often as I can so when the semester begins it won’t be so hard to adjust.

I chose to create this painting because I feel that the contrast of cool colors to what would be warm and bright outside is interesting. Because of the bright window the colors I was seeing all had this blue tint to them so I wanted to emphasize this. I left out the eyes and the nose because they felt implied or unimportant to the whole painting. My cat is black but it seemed more interesting to intensify the blue/purple color on his fur from the window. It needed just a little warmth to contrast with cools so I added some raw umber to the left of the door and then in the moccasin closer to the lower right of the painting. This gave it a little more balance.


Sorry about the glare, it was still wet when I took this picture.

Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:


New mini sketchbook! This one I will keep in purse so I always have it!

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