Sculptures with Bill

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t check my email. For some reason emailing just never enters my brain. Last week, as I started prepping for my second workshop at Peter’s Valley, I decided it might be a good idea to see if the instructor emailed us anything that would benefit for our workshop, entitled Throwing into Hand Building. To my surprise there was an email, but not the one I expected.

The email was sent to all the participants in the class. It was explaining how our instructor couldn’t make it. I was a little bummed but, as I continued reading the email, it explained they found a replacement. And for everyone attending we lucked out.

William (Bill) Depauw from New Orleans was the replacement. In the first few minutes with him it was easy to sense he has a kind soul. He talked about his children and wife, along with his work and training. He teaches Ceramics at Tulane University. His laid back personality made the studio stress free and comfortable. His creative mind inspired and influenced everyone in new ways.

Although it was a real challenge for me to think sculptural inside of functional, I really enjoyed this workshop. The great thing about workshops is everyone learns from each other. The tips and tricks shared are priceless.

These are my pieces from the workshop. I am excited to put them in hidden spots at my farm so anyone passing by can interact with them!

And for an extra treat Bill demonstrated how to center 36 pounds of clay… For those who know pottery—it was really something!


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