Copper Tea Diffuser

This past week I finished creating a copper tea diffuser. The only down side is that I can’t use it. For several reasons it would be toxic. I’m very proud of the pivot joint and swing hinge that I made because it was my first time making either of that style. The tea strainer itself is made of copper and the accents are made of brass.

Making the cone shapes was probably the biggest challenge of this project. I wanted them to be the same size, shape, and width. It involved a lot of filing and shaping but I finally got them to match up. For the pivot hinge I soldered to little triangular tabs the to base of the cones. I add sure to line them up before I put a tube rivet in. The swing clasp was made from wire and a rivet. The tube at the bottom half catches the wire to hold the two pieces in place. I liked making this tea diffuser project because it was like the other container projects I’ve done in the past just a little different in shape.

Copper tea diffuser

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