Travel and Art

Now that the weather is getting slightly nicer (I happen to LOVE the rainy season!), we can head out and take our sketchbooks with us. Spring is a great time to go out and catch the green of the trees and the blue skies. Now, I know it’s not Spring yet, don’t kill it for me. I’m still excited for it. And I’m especially excited to talk about the cool things you can take with you for some plein air paintings and drawings!

One of my favorite things to have is a nice multimedia sketchbook, it can capture all sorts of mark making. My favorite is a Canson sketchbook, as they are usually found at a great price point at a number of local and online stores. Their paper has a great texture and they’re nice and thick as well. You can do watercolor, markers, pens, and markers with them, at once or at different times.

Then I also have a lovely watercolor travel kit. It comes with a waterbrush inside, as well as a little mixing palette. The waterbrush packs up and is refillable, and while it takes some time to get used to using it, it’s almost essential when going out to do some illustrations in person.

Of course, some markers and pens would also be great, but you can always grab your watercolor brush and do some lineless painting. The point of it all is to get some sun, go out explore, and draw something that you don’t usually draw when you’re cooped up inside. Traveling and drawing is also a great way to get out of a drawing rut if you’re stuck in one!

Until next week, hopefully you guys get some art done!  Until next week, keep on keeping on!

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