Country Light

It is Memorial Day and before I fire up the barbecue I figured I better do my blog post before it gets put on the back burner. Back burner…I hope that before every one celebrates Memorial Day as some great back yard cooking day, that they take a moment to be thankful for those that gave their lives so we can enjoy all the great freedoms this country has.

One of the things I am thankful for is living in this great country, and being able to go back to school. Yes this sounds all goofy and kind of mushy, but I love the Marywood Photography program. The school is so supportive of each person growing as a student, artist, and human. Anyway, back to photography. I borrowed the big old 8×10 camera from the department and went and took some black and white photographs of where I grew up. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to develop the film. But I did take a few snapshots with my black magic camera (Digital), shown below. I often use digital to help me see what a picture will look like before I snap a shot off with the large format camera. Digital shots are a lot cheaper than $5 a shot with the 8×10.


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